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Caturday: Animal Shelter Friends

As I mentioned in my 2015 Charity Blog Post I make animal scrap beds for the shelter. In addition to those (which are usually for the dogs and in very high demand) a group of us also make these more structured fleece blankets for cats. On going to deliver a few beds to the shelter I decided to have a look around and see the animals that were available. I’m not actually looking for someone new (I did get my used cat from this shelter) but I can never say now to looking at cute animals. My visit was a bit different than when I went to the Columbus Animal Shelter. 

The first stop was seeing the cats as this is #caturday where I saw seven or eight cats. Four kittens, one grey one which is pictured and then the three orange kittens as well. All the kittens seemed fairly shy but the adult cats were very friendly. 

I then headed to the dog area where they only had two dogs available for adoption which are also pictured. They were both really friendly wagging their tales and such and towards the back were two dogs that were on hold, and one that was still working on being socialized. Recently they’ve had a program for free spay/neuter and adoptions which I think is why the amount of animals is so low. 

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