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DIY Kids Fleece Winter Hat

As I mentioned in my 2015 Charity Projects, I’ve made quite a few fleece hats as of lately. They’re great for the cold weather we’ve, finally, been getting. The best part though is that they are actually quite easy to make, and customize to however you want them to be.  Although I am modeling it above photo it is actually a perfect accessory (and gift!) for children. 

Cut out 4 crown pieces ad 1 piece BOUT 10″ X 24″  It is really important that you place the pattern pieces so the most stretch will be going around the head , if you don’t the hat will only fit a doll not a person.

Sew 2 crown pieces together in pairs then sew the pairs  right sides together.  Often I put scrap strips in the middle  of the two sets of crown pieces, they add a cute decorative touch.

Fold the long piece right sides together and sew together at the short end.  Fold in half meeting the long edges, enclosing the seam you just sewed.   Mark the brim in quarters with pins then match the pins to the seams in the crown pieces.  Sew the crown to the brim and you are done!


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