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1950’s Inspired Women’s Outfit + Makeup

 Dress (not available but I also like 1, 2 ) / Clutch / Shoes

Alright so I’ve been feeling the vintage outfits lately and while I figured I had fun with the guide on wearing clogs 70’s style, I wanted to do a more classy look for this outfit. So I went for a 1950’s outfit for women that’s for a glamours housewife with a  few modern twists. This look is perfect for a dressy day time date, or a fun night with the girls. 

  • Dress – While I couldn’t find a link to the dress anywhere ( I did tag a few similar ones), I had to add it to this outfit. The just below the knee length and full skirt, and polkadots are all from the 50’s; The peter pan collar is just for fun. 
  • Clutch – To make the outfit a little more feminine I wanted to add in a bow, and figured the perfect place was on the clutch. A big purse would overwhelm this look and the black satin is classic. 
  • Shoes – Mary Janes shoes have been around forever, but not quite as stylish as this pair.  While women in the 1950’s did wear heels, this pair is quite a bit higher, which of course I love. 
Lipstick / Bow / Mascara / Eyeliner 

And now for the beauty sections. I did want to stick fairly close to actual 1950’s makeup but not the pinup girl type more like a normal girl’s look because even as someone who likes makeup it’s just too much. For this outfit and makeup combo I also added in a hair accessory that I think is a must have to complete the women’s 1950’s look. 

  • Lipstick – Red lipstick. Full stop. I’m not talking the modern dark vampire red either. I mean a bright pure pigmented red, which I find a lot of fun to wear. Just pretend you’re Taylor Swift. 
  • Bow – Of course this look needs a cute hair bow. I went with this one because it’s simple and easy to fit into any hairstyle you want. 
  • Mascara – False eyelashes seem to be the most sought after thing to achieve the 1950’s makeup look but I wanted to make it more natural so I added in a thick mascara instead. 
  • Eyeliner – To finish off this look I think a back upper lid would be perfect. In addition to that you can also line the lower half of your lid, away from the tear duct and just below the waterline. 

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