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Teddy Bear Girls School Outfit + Makeup

Top (sold out but I love this one) / Denim / Hat (on sale) / Bag (on sale) / Shoes
School is now in full swing. And I think it is going to be a rough semester; No more honor roll for me. However that doesn’t mean I can’t put together cute school outfits, and as soon as I saw this bear sweater I knew it’d make the perfect one. While this doesn’t have a winter coat or snow boots I did make this look to be a winter outfit that’s perfect for school. A mild winter school look I guess!
  • Jumper – This sweater is so cute, that even though I couldn’t find it for sale any more in any online shops (I found another similar one) I had to add it to this look. The mostly brown look with black made it easy to pair. 
  • Jeans – This pair of denim pants are great. The slight distress and skinny leg are great for going with a bulky top. And the cuffed ankles give it a more refined look. 
  • Hat – I love knit hats and they’ve made some appearances for my winter outfits; Take for example my guide to what to wear to school in winter and modern school girl outfit.  This more loosely kitted one is casual and the black color fits well. 
  • Backpack – Although most of the time backpacks are only used for going to class, this is a school outfit, one like this could be used more often. I love the croc effect and more grown up feel. 
  • Shoes – I own a very similar pair of sneakers to these and love them. The all black color with white sole is visually appealing and they’re very durable shoes. 
Eyelashes / Brow Pencil / Lipstick / Eyeshadow 
Okay so this makeup might seem to be a bit heavy for school days, unless of course you’re one of those 14 year old Instagram models but it can be done well. Plus sometimes you just need a glamours day for class. So I put together the top for things for this teddy bear jumper look. 
  • Eyelashes – False eyelashes are gorgeous on. I love getting to wear them (and then keep the pair) at various modeling things. They define the eye in addition to giving the wear longer lashes, and even looks like upper eyeliner.
  • Brow Pencil – Defined brows are a big part of this look. I love that this contains a brush as well as a pencil that you can easily fill in your brows with and still have them look natural. 
  • Lipstick – because all of the brown in both the outfit and the makeup I decided to go with a less dramatic color, nude. 
  • Eyeshadow – While I’m all about drugstore makeup one thing that I don’t think you can skimp on is eyeshadow. I went with a moderately priced brown shadow pack that is pretty well known. 


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