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Winter Trendy Shopping Outfit + Makeup

Top / Jeans / Coat (similar) / Bag / Shoes 

Normally jeans, especially distressed jeans aren’t something that are considered dressy wear. Actually they fall pretty hard into the category of casual wear. For today’s look I wanted to do a cool weather outfit that combined a few trends and was a little more dressy than the normal school looks that I do. Why I wouldn’t classify this as a date outfit, it’s a great daytime shopping look and meeting meet up outfit. 

  • Top – I know some people don’t like sleeveless tops but for this look I think it’s great. Of course the focal point is the organza bow which gives the shirt a bit of a masculine look that I love. 
  • Jeans – Super skinny jeans shouldn’t be something men wearing and I think they help to balance out the look. The light color and destroyed legs are perfect for keeping the look from becoming formal. 
  • Coat -this nude / camel colored coat is everything. I love the waterfall front, which is perfect for pairing with a scarf , and the 3/4 sleeves are great with jewelry. 
  • Bag – Bucket bags are in right now. They’re great for carrying around a lot of stuff, and the structureless design is fun to pair with different looks. The black adds into the bow. 
  • Shoes – I’ve previously done a guide on how to wear chunky boots and of course added them to this look. They can be a little overpowering but with rolled denim look great. 
Blush / Lipstick / Mascara / Eyeliner
In addition to trendy clothing pieces I also wanted to add in some makeup trends. Makeup trends can be a little bit harder because combining them can go wrong very quickly. Normally the less is more rule applies, but you for sure don’t want to look bare faced. 
  • Blush – Just like the 70’s style clog outfit a bright pink blush is perfect. Since I’m pairing it with a  dark lipstick, higher on the cheek is better as is remembering to use a light hand. 
  • Lipstick – Of course I wanted to add a vampire sort of lipstick to this look, because they’re big this winter. While I have seen a few warmer tones, for cool weather I think this purplish hued red is gorgeous.
  • Mascara – Doe eyes are perfect for combating the masculine look of this outfit. I went with this specific tube of mascara because it’s not only known for thick dark lashes but also for not clumping. 
  • Eyeliner – To finish the look, I wanted to add in something I used a lot in high school, white eyeliner. For this look it’s great both for the waterline and in the inner corner of the eyes. 


  1. I love that coat!!! It's hard to find a camel coat that is unique. What a great post!
    I love a good bucket bag but I feel like I can never find anything in mine! Do you have this issue ever?

    xx Belle


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