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Vintage Inspired Floral Vacation Outfit + Makeup

Dress / Sunglasses / Bag (similar) / Shoes

Since we’ve been having below freezing weather for the past few days I’m well aware that it’s still winter, however I wanted to a warmer weather outfit. It’s perfect not only for the spring time but tropical vacations (and desert vacations) too. The look is meant to be casual and comfortable, but still sophisticated. And have a fun vintage feel. 

  • Dress – I’m often drawn to simple dresses (take for example the shift dress guide), that don’t demand a lot of attention. However when I saw this dress I fell in love. The high neckline and long sleeves feel unique paired with the big floral print. 
  • Sunglasses – Another piece I couldn’t pass up were these sunnies. The light pink color both of the frames and lenses are so feminine, and the round shape has a great vintage feel. 
  • Bag – Bows have been my thing lately with both the 1950’s Women’s Outfit and Trendy Shopping Look a piece with a bow made the cut. So it isn’t a surprise that I added this white little bag to the outfit.  
  • Shoes – These sneakers are fantastic for pairing with a dress. They’re low profile, and simple and keep the dress from being too formal. 
Headband / Eyeshadow / Nail Polish / Lipstick

Of course while the dress might be the most important part of the floral dress outfit the makeup can really help the look along. I wanted to also add in a bit of a bohemian chic look, that’s perfect for vacation wear. I also decided to stick with the blue trend that’s been up for awhile. 

  • Headband – I know that headbands might be a little too 1970’s for a lot of girls but for this look I love it. This one is knit with a little floral pattern and is perfect for natural hair, which is about the only thing I do with mine when it’s high humidity during a tropical vacation. 
  • Eyeshadow – This palette is perfect for a vacation look. It has the light pinks for the upper eyelid and then the blue shadow to apply wet for using instead of an eyeliner. 
  • Nail Polish – White nail polish is the color of vacations so of course I added in this nail lacquer.
  • Lipstick – To finish off this look I added in a soft pink lipstick. It’s young, feminine and fun without being too drastic. Plus it balances out the look, and all the blue. 


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