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How to look Chic in a Trench Coat

I love putting together wardrobe stapes and more trendy pieces to create a look that’s wearable for a lot of situations and works for people with a variety of styles. So I decided to do an outfit guide for just that, featuring a trench coat and chunky boots. I wanted this outfit to be slimming and chic which is something that I’ve noticed isn’t the case in the “street style” trench coat looks I’ve seen. This look can be worn to school, on casual work days, and of course to the mall shopping or running errands.
Top / Trousers / Scarf / Coat / Shoes
  • Top – Even though I still have a ways to go on my dieting and workouts I love crop tops. This particular one very simple, sleeveless and black. Perfect for layering. 
  • Trousers – Because I was looking for an outfit that is slimming I thought these jeans were perfect. They’re skinny legged high waisted (which is needed to go with the crop top), and of course the every flattering black. 
  • Scarf – Circle scarfs are my go to piece for winter. Not only will they keep you neck and shoulders cozy without the hassle of having to be tied but they’re also great for a head covering. Rain or snow and they can easily take the place of a hood. 
  • Coat– Of course the main part of this outfit is the trench coat. I used a red color because it goes with a variety of different outfits, and is a little different than the traditional tan. I must say it is a bit expensive though. 
  • Shoes – I’ve previously done a guide on wearing chunky boots and have included them in this outfit as well. I love the high heel and that they’re very stable to walk in and wear around all day. 
lipstick / nail polish / mascara / lip liner
Because the outfit is so simple I wanted to go with a bit of a dramatic color in the makeup and focus on the lips instead of the eyes like I do in a lot of looks (for example the Vintage Inspired Floral Vacation Look). I did do a lot of red but it’s still a very wearable look even for school and work. 
  • Lipstick – As I keep saying dark lipstick is in for the winter and so I added it to this look. I love this full color and specifically made sure it was darker than the trench coat. 
  • Nail Polish – Because the outfit does have a lot of black in it I wanted to add color not just to the makeup, and so I added in nail lacquer. It isn’t important that these reds all match up perfectly, which I think is actually better. 
  • Mascara – Why the eyes aren’t as important in this look that doesn’t mean you can totally ignore them. This mascara is perfect for doing just a little bit, both for long and thick lashes. 
  • Lip Liner – I shared this lip liner set in my Cat Lovers School Outfit and still love them,  both for quality and price. The red color in the middle is perfect for this outfit. 


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