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Review: RevivLash Lash + Brow Stimulating Serum

Large eyebrows are still “in fashion” and of course long eyelashes are, which shouldn’t be a surprise since they always have been. Unfortunately not everyone (or should I say most people) aren’t born with them, and even with great makeup it can be hard to fake. So I was very interested when the people over at RevivLash offered to send me their lash and brow stimulating serum. I’ve previously reviewed their TelomErase Serum so I had high hopes for this product. 
Alright so this beauty product arrives in a square black cardboard box. The outside has pink and white font with the RevivLash name and that this is a Lash + Brow Stimulating Serum. There’s also a white sticker with some information. Inside is a clear plastic tube that’s about the same shape as a mascara tube. There is a black sticker around the middle that matches the box. The lid is the normal pull off kind at the top. 
Verdict: Although I’m never a fan of products being yellow in color this RevivLash doesn’t leave behind any tint or coloring so I can’t complain about it too much. The serum feels good going on and didn’t irritate my skin at all. I’ve been using it for a little while and can already feel my eyebrows fill in more, from all that bad blocking that I did. 



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  1. for someone with thin eyebrows, such as myself, i really should give this a try!! thanks for sharing xoxo


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