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Outfit: Brown Sweater + Combat Boots For School

I’ve actually been really happy with the weather we’ve been having lately. I got in the snow I was wanting and had a few days of cold weather, and now it’s back to the,  almost warm enough you don’t need a jacket, temperatures. Which is especially great since I’m not feeling anywhere near as happy about school. I feel like I’ve been constantly having assignments, as well as a few big tests coming up.  To try and make up for that, and celebrate the warm winter weather I figured I could share a school outfit with you guys. It’s cozy and comfy but still chic (if I do say so myself), even if I didn’t wear any makeup and put my hair in a bun. Oh and as you can see in these photos my Wooden Snowflake DIY is still standing strong. 

Sweater c/o NewChic / Bag c/o BagsInc / Jeans / Shoes (similar) / Earrings c/o GreenTree 

Sweater – I’ve talked about wearing sweater dresses lately (see my blog post on how to wear a sweater dress) and when I ordered this brown sweater that’s what I expected it to be; Thanks to my heigh though it’s just an inch or two too short. However I’m loving it as an oversized sweater, especially since it’s high low. 

Bag – BagsInc is quickly becoming my go to place for affordable high quality bags. The two tone brown color this bag has along with the gold hardware made me fall instantly in love. It is the perfect size for those days you don’t need much, which is almost everyday for me. 

Jeans – While I think these jeans are a bit too ripped for most looks, since I’m wearing such a large sweater I thought they’d balance out perfectly. They give the look a more urban feel and keep it from being too uptight. 

Shoes – I know combat boots aren’t really in style anymore but I still have mine around and thought they looked cute with this outfit. 

Earrings – Since I rarely wear my hair up, I had to take the opportunity to wear earrings. Although this flower pair doesn’t exactly match the outfit, I love the blue color and didn’t want to do too much brown. 



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