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How to Wear an Ombre Sweater + Makeup

Sweater / Jeans / Hat / Bag (cheap!) / Shoes

I remember a few years ago sporting my first Ombre anything, a purple high low sweater, when the trend was fresh (or at least when I discovered it); I thought it would be a fad, but unlike galaxy print ombre seems here to stay. So I decided to put together a cute, casual outfit featuring an ombre sweater. This is one of my basic school outfit inspiration looks, that’s especially for winter weather. 

  • Sweater -I’ve been loving big bulky sweaters (remember my Brown Sweater Outfit?) so it probably doesn’t come as a surprise I picked one for this look. In addition to that I love the grey tone colors for being so wearable. 
  • Jeans – I’m normally one to stay away from distressed jeans but for this look I thought the ripped out knees worked well. The skinny legs and cuffed ankles are both flattering. 
  • Hat – I originally wanted to go with a dark beanie for this look, but found it to be a bit overpowering. So instead I went with this white knit hat, which I think keeps the look from being too dark. 
  • Bag – I’ve been loving these sort of purses for awhile now, and when I saw this one from forever21 I had to add it to my school outfit. It’s way more affordable than anything else I’ve seen. 
  • Shoes – I often think of these type of tennis shoes as particularly British, however they are perfect for this outfit. The low profile goes well with the jeans, and the black and white matches the outfit. 
Blush / Mascara / Eyeliner / Perfume
And now for the beauty part of this post. Of course since this is specifically a school outfit I am keeping the makeup to a minimum both for the dress code issue, and the fact that you don’t always have time for putting on a full makeup face in the mornings just for class. 
  • Blush – During the winter my skin tends to get a little dull. A natural blush color not only gives my face sharper features but also makes me look healthier. 
  • Mascara – Of course big lashes are always in, and I wanted to add in a nice mascara. This one is medium range in price and long wear, without clumping all of which are very good things. 
  • Eyeliner – When I’m in a rush I love using a felt tip liner. This one has a particularly thin tip which will help create dramatic angles without going too heavy. 
  • Perfume – This is the first time I’ve put a perfume into one of my outfit guides, which kind of reflects on me; I almost never remember to use it. This Daisy one however isn’t just a cute bottle and is a perfect addition to the Ombre Sweater School Outfit. 

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