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Book Review: Koreatown Cookbook


by Deuki Hong and Matt Redbird

For two years, chef Deuki Hong and writer Matt Redbird gathered recipes, stories, in-the-moment photos and thoughtful interviews from Korean American neighborhoods all across the country. This is their portrait of a culture, of a community that works hard, feeds generously and parties late and often. From calm morning soups to karaoke-fuel noodles and barbecue, this is a soju-slamming, pepper-poudning, kimchi-everything adventure. Smokey, spicy, sweet and funky. These are the flavors of Koreatown, and this cookbook is your guide to their pleasures and their spirit. 

My Thoughts: When I saw this cookbook I was immediately excited to check it out. While I’ve learned  about Japanese cooking from the Donabe cookbook and a little Thai from Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings, I didn’t know anything about Korean food and was very interested to find out. 

I love that the beginning of Koreatown has people eating and making Korean food, and the ingredients and equipment section is very helpful. The recipes range from quick and simple to intricate and everything looks delicious. The recipes all have their Korean name, and just below that a little description (so you know if you want to make it!) and a thoughtful introduction that will make you want to eat it. The recipes themselves are easy to follow and I can say that the Yukhoe is great, and I can’t wait to try out more. 


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