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How to Wear Cowboy Ankle Boots + Makeup

I think I’m starting to get used to the cold weather. It was around freezing today but I found myself going outside without a jacket. Something a few months ago I would have felt miserable doing. So while I would consider this chic military inspired outfit I didn’t add any warmer layers for the winter. I mean you can always add in a jacket. Of course the main part is the cowboy boots since this is a guide to wearing ankle length cowboy boots, without looking country. 
Tank / Jeans / Shirt (on sale) / Bag (cheap!) / Shoes 
  • Tank – I added this neutral tank to the look as a base layer. It’s comfortable and simple. While I went with grey, I think a dark brown would also look good. 
  • Jeans – Ever since seeing a girl at the Indy Fashion-Focus event cuff her jeans with a pair of combat boots I’ve been doing it with a lot of different kinds of boots. These skinny jeans are perfect for just that and the high waist along with light color are flattering. 
  • Shirt – Although it isn’t quite as “in style” anymore I still love military inspired clothes. For this mini cowboy boots look this button up shirt is perfect for wearing open. The loose fit is contrasted well with the cuffed sleeves. 
  • Bag – I wanted to add a pop of color so this yellow bag was the perfect match for this cowboy outfit guide. The large size and simple design keep it from being too busy. Plus I love the price. 
  • Boots – I’ve been wanting a pair of cowboy boots forever now, but I thought they all looked way too country for my style. I’m been afraid of looking like a red neck! This pair however is perfect. The light brown color and suede material are super wearable, and I love the little height boost the heel gives. 
Nail Polish / Eyeliner / Lipstick / Eyebrow Gel
While this is supposed to be a guide to wearing those short cowboy boots (that I personally love), I also wanted to add in some makeup suggestions. This isn’t a look that’s supposed to have a lot going on, but I did want the over all impression to be chic and refined, not just got off the farm. 
  • Nail Polish – To contrast with the bright yellow bag I wanted to add a fun nail polish color. This white goes will with the green and grey.
  • Eyeliner – While I love the striking look of a black cat eye for this look it is a little much. So instead I went with a brown gel liner that’s easy to apply so you can get that perfect thin line to highlight your eyes. 
  • Lipstick – Reds are as in as they have been all winter so of course I added a red lipstick for this look. However with the green shirt I wanted to make it a bit different so I picked an orange lip color. 
  • Eyebrow gel – The most important part of this cowboy boots look, makeup wise I mean, is the eyebrows. I love full snapped eyebrows that are perfectly in place. While there are a few steps to that the finishing one is the eyebrow gel. 

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