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App Review: Kendall and Kylie


 It’s #techtuesday and I’ve been playing a new game since it released last week, Kendall & Kylie. I’m sure everyone has heard of the girls who are on reality television and are often written about in tabloids and online articles. You might have even played the very popular Kim Kardashian game staring their elder half sister. When I saw this Kendall & Kylie app at the top of the charts I figured it’d be perfect for a review. Especially since I’ve had fun playing a few other celebrity games. 


 Once you download the game the first step is to customize your character. Don’t worry about if you don’t like it, because you can always go back and change things later. The eye shape, lips and overall face are in one section, makeup, and nail polish in another, and then clothes, shoes and accessories. As you proceed in the game you can buy options in a lot of these sections either with jewels or money that you earn in the game. I love that you can try everything on before buying it and the selection is pretty good. I mean I’d love to have a few of the outfits my character has. 

Through the first part of the game they guide you through it, so you know just enough of what you’re doing but aren’t bored yet. You can go on dates, walk around a few different city areas in Los Angeles and even go different places from LAX. Each area has different buildings for you to explore and meet new contacts (which are kept handy in your phone). Your friend Perry sends you texts about new events and you go to those areas, which is where the real fun is. Your character uses energy (that refills after a certain time and you can buy more, or sometimes watch a video for more) to get stars, and try and fill up the bracket so you can get all the stars for an event, in a certain time span (3-8 hours normally!). If you get all the stars early then you finish early. Then a selfie is posted to your social media and you’ll get more followers, who’s count is kept at the top. Be careful though because if you do poorly at events (not getting enough stars) you can loose followers. 

A fun bonus for checking in every day are these boxes, that can get you cool clothes for your character. There’s also a new bonus for stars in events that I’m steadily working on. 

Verdict: I love this game, It has some of the “You Decide Your Fate” game type like Demi Lovato Episode, with a little bit more of a competitive aspect, especially since you have built in competition. You don’t have to buy any gems to play the game (although it is tempting), and it’s a great game that doesn’t take your constant attention. Something to pull up when you’re bored in class or on the bus. The little bit of a look into both Kendal and Kylie’s life is fun and the things your character does is realistic. 

Best of all though Kendall & Kylie is fun to play, and you should totally download it. 


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