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Review: HASK Mint Almond Oil Hair Products


I know I complain about my hair all the time, but I can’t help it! It’s so much trouble. While I’ve been doing a lot to fix the health of it, which has been helping, one thing that I haven’t been able to fix is how thin my hair is. Blonde hair, and curly hair are both thinner than other hair types, and luck me, I have both. So when the people over at HASK offered to send me their Mint Almond Hair products to try out which are made to give you thicker hair I immediately said yes.

Shampoo – Because this shampoo is a thickening shampoo I wasn’t expecting much from it. I mean I expected it to clean the oil and dirt from my hair but at the same time leave it completely tangled. I was pleasantly surprised that while my hair did feel thicker, it didn’t feel like I’d grown dread locks, and it smelled good!

Conditioner – While I loved what the HASK Coconut Oil Conditioner did for my hair, I didn’t think the HASK Mint Almond Oil Conditioner would do the same. Worse I thought it would get rid of any thickening effect that the shampoo had given me. Luckily it did condition my hair like it was supposed to and kept it thick.

Root Thickening Spray – When I saw this in my pack I was interested but had no idea what to expect. I Sprayed on my damp hair, and comb through mostly focusing in the roots. I’m using it has a sort of dry hair spray and so far it’s been working great.

Verdict: I’ve tried out a few of HASK’s other product lines, like their Macadamia Oil Hair Products so I expected this Mint Almond Oil set to be good, and I wasn’t disappointed. It thickens my hair without making it frizzy and makes me smell like mint, which is never a bad thing.




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