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5 Tips for Getting Your Summer Body On!

Summer is almost here, and if you still haven’t started working on your beach body – you are at the right place. Since it’s #fitnessfriday I wanted to share five tips on how to make a balance between your diet and workouts, as well as on how to take care of your skin before slipping into your favourite swimsuit. Check them out!
1.     Start Working Out Right Now
Even though physical activity should be a regular part of everyone’s day-to-day routine, many girls seem to forget about it during winter. If you are one of them, too, don’t be desperate – any time you start working out is the right time. People often say that summer bodies are made in winter, however, some celebrity trainers claim that muscle definition can be seen in only four weeks. We are just a few months away from summer, which is a perfect time to dive into strength-training routine. Just be careful not to overdo it!
2.     Speed Up Workouts
Speed up your workouts by decreasing the rest time between sets of exercises – that will make your body burn even more calories. Also, you muscles will work smarter, which will help them tone up faster. For this reason, a maximum of 30 seconds between sets is enough. That will definitely keep your heart rate up, plus the fact that calorie burn will be increased since your body won’t use too much time to calm down. On the other hand, if you are fond of cardio workout, avoid running at a steady pace. Instead, try interval training which will alternate bursts of low and high intensity cardio.
3.     Detox
After cold winter days that were filled with family gatherings and the most delicious meals ever, many people feel the need to cleanse or ‘detox’ with a strict diet that includes only fresh-pressed juices. However, these may be too drastic for your organism because certain groups of foods are excluded. Getting enough protein is absolutely essential, so eggs, chicken breasts, salmon, or black beans should be on your menu. Besides that, carbs should not be banished – achieve a balance with vegetables, legumes and whole grains. Oatmeal, lentil soup, and green salad with roasted squash will help you do that. If you are a fan of smoothies, there is a wide range of recipes online that are very yummy yet appropriate for detox.
4.     Step Up Your Skincare Routine
Preparing your body for summer is not complete when you manage to lose some extra kilograms and tone up your muscles – skincare is another important step towards perfect beachy look. Regular exfoliation (two to three times a week) is crucial, because it will prepare your skin for tanning. By removing the dead skin cells that have piled up on its surface, a gentle scrub will uncover the new ones which will largely contribute to fresh and rejuvenated look. After that, a good moisturiser is essential, and you should choose the one with the lighter formula than it was the case during winter. A lightweight gel or a hydrating serum will do the trick. Just make sure not to over moisturise, because that can make you feel sticky all day long.
5.     Slip Into a Trendy Swimsuit
The final step of preparing your body for the beach is definitely keeping up with the latest trends brought to us by the fashion industry, which is important for every fashion-forward girl. A brand new swimsuit is highly required, and the good news is that you can go crazy with the colours – the brighter the better! Celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, and Olivia Palermo adore one-piece, and it gets even better when you realise that there is tummy control swimwear for girls who started working out a bit too late. It is an absolute must-have today, and women all over the world love it infinitely.

Getting your summer body on is definitely not a process that can happen overnight, which is why it is important to start it as soon as possible. Now is the right moment to make a change, and when it gets tough just remember that those who work hard have the privilege to play hard later on.
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