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Outfit: Black Mesh Flare Dress

Sorry I haven’t been updating as much as I’d like to! I thought when spring break came around that I’d have tons of time to get everything together but my life has since became even more busy. I have a test on Monday, lots of homework to do (that probably should have already been done) and more labs. In addition to that my whole family (the American ones anyway!) on my mother’s side are in town which is a bit much for me to handle. But yesterday I decided to wear my new dress and take a few pictures to share!
Dress c/o Romwe / Bralette / Shoes (on sale!)

Dress – I always love black dresses (see my cutout black dress, and modest black dress) so I knew I’d like this one that Romwe sent me, but I didn’t realize how much until I put it on. While you can’t wear a normal bra with it, it I love the cut out design (that has mesh coverings) and the flair shape is super forgiving. Oh and the fact that it’s 3/4 length sleeves. I could probably go on for another paragraph on all the things I love about it, but the pictures do a pretty good job of explaining it.

Bralette – As I mentioned the one downside to this dress is the fact that you can’t wear a regular bra with it. You can go for a strapless bra, as long as it isn’t too high and shows the top of it, or you can do like I did for this outfit and use a bralette.

Shoes – When I first bought these shoes (to work a set of promotions), I didn’t think I was going to be using them all that much. Actually they just sat in there in their shoe box. As sone as I started wearing them though I realized how much they go with my “everyday” outfits. I’ve actually had to stop myself from wearing them all the time. A “No Hanna, we can’t wear these shoes for the third day in a row” kind of thing.





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