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Book Review: Live Smart


Live Smart
Preparing for the Future God Wants for You
by Dan Dumas

Don’t waste this time in your life. The habits you’re forming right now can last a lifetime. Who you hang out with, how you spend your time, and even what you read can change your future in powerful ways. Live Smart lays out a simple, straightforward plan to help you become all you were meant to be in your relationships, your education, your future career and every other aspect of life. But even more importantly, this book will give you the tools for a rock-solid relationship with God. You want your life to matter. Live Smart presents the practical tools and biblical advice for you to make wise decisions for an exciting future. 

Dan Dumas has served as a college pastor for fourteen years with extensive experience disciplining young people. Dan serves as a senior vice president at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he teaches and provides leadership for youth conferences (RENOWN and D3). He also teaches classes at Boyce College. Dan lives with his wife and children in Louisville Kentucky. 

My Thoughts: Dan Dumas does a great job of speaking honestly to the reader in a way that is practical, and great for teen readers. While this book is a short 137 pages (and a few notes at the end) it does a great job getting everything in. It takes scripture and makes it into something that can be understood in today’s modern world. It is especially helpful for these sections

1. Fearing God, knowing the Bible, and developing an active prayer life.
2. Submitting to authority (big issue in today’s society) and serving others as Jesus serves us and others.
3. Seeking mentors and choosing friends wisely (they can influence us for better or for worse).
4. Taking more risks and working hard.
5. Making character the priority and willing to be corrected when needed.
6. Know what the gospel is and sharing it with others.
7. Fleeing sexual immorality.

If you like Critical Conversations or my suggestions for 12 Coming of Age Novels for Teens you’ll for sure want to check out Dan Dumas’s Live Smart. 


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