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Book Review: The Water-Saving Garden


The Water-Saving Garden
How to Grow a Gorgeous Garden with a Lot Less Water
By Pam Penick

With climate change, water rationing, and drought on the rise, conserving water is more important than ever- but that doesn’t mean your gardening options are limited to cacti and rocks. The Water-Saving Garden provides gardeners and homeowners with a diverse array of techniques and plentiful inspiration for creating outdoor spaces that are so beautiful and inviting it’s are to believe they are water thrifty. Including a directory of 100 plants appropriate for a variety of drought-prone regions of the country, this accessible and contemporary guide is full of must-know information on popular gardening topics like native and drought tolerant plants, rainwater harvesting, greywater systems, permeable paving and more.

Pam Penick is a garden designer, award-winning blogger, and the author of Lawn Gone! She is a contributor to such magazines as Fine Gardening, Organic Life, and Garden Design, and has received several writing awards from the Garden Writes Association. She lives and gardens in water-challenged Austin, Texas.

My thoughts: As you might know by my posts about my own backyard garden I love everything to do with plants and having a well kept yard. While I personally live in an area that has plenty of water I was interested in what tips The Water-Saving Garden had to offer. The book features real life gardens that you could actually model your own after. The sections about rain water containment are very interesting and offer a ton of information. There were also some less known sections like the rock section which is perfect for dry area and looks incredibly modern. The Water-Saving Garden does a fantastic job of showing that you don’t need to run the sprinkler system to have a fantastic lawn. If you like The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden you’ll love this book.



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