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Book Review: The Cantaloupe Thief


The Cantaloupe Thief
A Branigan Powers Mystery 
By Deb Richardson-Moore

“The worst thing about being homeless is being looked right through”

It’s ten years since wealthy matriarch Alberta Resnick was found stabbed to death in Georgia. Local reporter Branigan Powers sets out to investigate the city’s only unsolved murder. Branigan knows that homeless often have information, but are rarely asked. She gets in touch with Liam, a pastor who runs a shelter. As they start to ask questions, secrets begin to surface. Then homeless people start dying. Clearly the killers won’t stop until all tracks are covered. But what the killer doesn’t know is that someone is watching, someone who is used to being ignored and unseen…

Deb Richardson-Moore is a former journalist, and has worked extensively with the homeless. She is now a pastor in Greenville, South Carolina. This is her debut novel.

My Thoughts: I always love a good mystery so I was very excited to get to review The Cantaloupe Thief. Following Branigan Powers, who’s working for a dying newspaper in a small town in Georgia, investigate a ten year old murder was very suspenseful. There’s drama inside her life that adds even more and makes you really want to root for Branigan. Quickly two crimes come together and Branigan must solve them adding a lot of action to the book. I found myself reading The Cantaloupe Thief in two days this summer even though it’s just under 300 pages because it’s such a good read. Deb Richardson-Moore does a great job of making you feel like you’re actually in the setting, and has written a great first novel. If you like other murder mysteries like The Advent of Murder or The Body Under the Bridge, you’ll love The Cantaloupe Thief.


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