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Review: 1byOne Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I’m so happy that school is out for summer, even if I’m taking a summer class because it isn’t nearly as bad as the classes I had during the spring semester. That gives me a whole lot more time to relax, often while listening to music. I don’t want to carry my computer outside or really around the house to listen to music so I was super happy that 1byOne wanted me to review their bluetooth speaker with enhanced bass of course I said yes. 

Alright so in the past I’ve reviewed a few different bluetooth speakers like the Adfilic and DK Knight Magic Box both of which I liked. However this 1byOne Bluetooth speaker beats them all. It is 7-inches width x 2 3/8-inches height x 1 3/4-inches depth. It has a silicone body, making it slightly padded perfect in case you drop it, so it’s safe from damage. It also has a sturdy cord that you can use to hang on things. The best part though is all the buttons it has. There’s everything you need for speaker commands. They’re easy to access and press too. 

Of course the most important thing for a bluetooth speaker needs is how well it works. The battery can last eight hours which is plenty of time for my day and only takes an hour and a half to charge. For playing music even if you device doesn’t have bluetooth there is an aux cord to use. The speaker does a great job with the quietly of sound too. 

You can get your own your own HERE from Amazon. 



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