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Serious Running Outfit + Water I’m Loving

Most of the time I work out, either at the gym or outdoors I like to combine functionality and fashion when I put together my outfits. For me it’s almost as important that I look good as I’m wearing the best clothing performance wise. However with the end of the semester quickly upon us I’ve been a little less focused on things like my matching Neon Workout Outfit and wearing galaxy pants and have had tho choose just focusing on results, at least for the next few weeks. So I wanted to put together a “serious” running outfit, that’s all about getting the best out of you for #fitnessfriday .
Sports Bra / Shorts / Hoodie / Shoes 
Sports Bra – Even for serious runners brightly colored sports bras are the way to go, and almost a necessity for safety. I especially love this one because not only is it reasonably priced but it also offers plenty of support which is a big deal.
Shorts – Running shorts aren’t usually my favorite piece of clothing, they might even make it into my list of top ten least favorites. I almost always prefer yoga shorts (as seen in my workout at home outfit inspiration) but when it’s especially hot outside or you’re running above average distances, having something that clings to your skin can be really annoying. So running shorts it is, although I did try and pick out a more flattering pair.
Hoodie – While just wearing a sports bra as your top should work, for cooler and or rainy days it’s nice to have a hoodie. However you don’t want one that has a ton of extra fabric that’ll bunch up and be annoying so a cropped sweatshirt is the only way to do it.
Shoes – Good running shoes can be a little bit expensive (around $100) but not wearing them can be even more expensive. You want to be sure to have shoes that will protect your joints from too much stress and keep your feet at ease.

Now there’s one thing I’ve been loving both on my serious workout days and my not so serious days every since I was given a case to try out. Core Hydration Water. In addition to looking super cool and having a recyclable bottle, it has a perfectly balanced pH, no harsh chemicals and is ultra purified.



  1. You make a very good point with regard to footwear and sports bras are so much more important than many people realise! It's nice to come across another runner, by the way 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


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