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Book Review – Home Cooked by Anya Fernald


Home Cooked by Anya Fernald
Essential Recipes for a new way to Look
by Anya Fernald 

Anya Fernald’s approach to cooking is anything but timid; rich sauces, meaty ragus, perfectly charred vegetables. And her executions is unfussy, with the singular goal of making delicious, exuberantly flavored, unpretentious food with the best ingredients. Inspired by the humble traditions of cucina paver, the frugal cooking of Italian peasants, Anya brings a forgotten pragmatism to home cooking; making use of seasonal bounty by canning and preserving fruits and vegetables, salt curing fish, simmering flavorful broths with leftover bones, and transforming tough cuts of meat into supple stews and sauces with long cooking. These building blocks become the basis for a kitchen repertoire that is inspired, thrifty, environmentally sound, and most importantly, bursting with flavor. Recipes like Red Pepper and Walnut Crema, Green Tomato and Caper Salad, Chickpea Torte, Cracked Crab with Lemon-Chile Vinaigrette, Veal Meatballs, Anise-Seed Breakfast Cookies, and Ligurian Sangria will add dimension and excitement to both weeknight meals and parties. 

We all want to be better, more intuitive, more relaxed cooks – not just for the occasional dinner party, but every day. Punctuated by essays on the author’s approach to entertaining, cooking with cast-iron, and primer on buying and cooking steak, Home Cooked is an antidote to the chef and restaurant books that leave you no roadmap for tonight’s dinner. With Home Cooked, Anya gives you the confidence, and the recipes, to love cooking again. 

My Thoughts: I love cookbooks. I’m always looking for new recipes to try so I was pretty excited when I was sent Home Cooked to review.  Anya starts with the basics, a few easy to follow recipes that will help you on later in the cookbook, and each one is explained and easy to follow directions are given even for someone who doesn’t cook. I especially love that she talks about canning. Then you get to the snacks, starters + cocktails section before the Take a Seat section and my favorite section Stay a While, which has the desserts. All of the photography is gorgeous and the food is real, achievable and good. If you like The Hot Bread Kitchen or Around the Fire, you’ll love Home Cooked.  


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