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Book Review: When There Are No Easy Answers


When there are No Easy Answers 
Thinking Differently About God, Suffering, and Evil
By John S. Feinberg 

Well-meaning cliches don’t offer hope when someone is suffering. 

When terrible things happen in your life, does doubt threaten to shatter your faith at its core? John Feinberg knows how deeply tragedy can rock one’s faith. In 1987, his beloved wife was diagnosed with an incurable, genetically transmitted disease. His previous understanding of God’s goodness was challenged in the face of personal suffering. Moreover, constantly being confronted with trite Christian cliches from fellow believers shook his connection to his faith community. 

Sorrow requires is to confront questions of God’s justice, the reality of grace, God’s presence in our lives and his very nature. Feinberg, a former pastor, does just that. He also offers a particular gift to the grieving and to those who would comfort them: he reveals the biblical reasons against the use of traditional; platitudes, especially by those in the ministry, and sets out alternatives that truly encourage. John’s wife, Patricia, weighs in with an afterword about about her diagnosis and the hope she found in a dark time in their lives. When There are No Easy Answers considers the problem of suffering from every angle, just as the Feinbergs have walked through it in their journey. The path they’ve forged through grief can offer a way forward for others a way forward for others who suffer and those who would minister to them. 

John S. Feinberg is professor of biblical and systematic theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He has also been a pastor, a staff member for Chosen People Ministries, and has taught at Western Seminary and Liberty University. Feinberg’s previous works include Continuity and Discontinuity, Ethics for a Brave New World, and The Many Faces of Evil. 

My Thoughts: Dealing with loss can be an awful thing, those around you often want to help or offer support but don’t know how. Throughout life there are so many people who have to deal with loss, and they get hurt. It is the story of one man’s family and might help you. If you like Colors of Goodbye 


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