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Book Review: NIrV Minecrafters Bible


NIrV Minecrafters Bible

Craft your life… whether you’re in creative or survival mode!

Do you ever feel like it’s ore fun to exist in the computer world, than the real one? Is that the only place you feel like you can control your destiny? Well, God is the original great world builder, and he gave us the power and the skills we need to make changes in the real world. The NIrV Minecrafters Bible includes

  • Complete text of the New International Reader’s Version (NIrV) of the Bible – from Genesis to revelation.
  • 24 Color tip-in pages featuring full color illustrations in the style of a wildly popular virtual world building game
  • Featured stories such as Creation and great builds of the Bible.
When I was offered the chance to review this book I immediately said yes, because as you might know I love minecraft. I’ve reviewed both the x-box story mode minecraft as well as the pocket edition and had fun with both of them. I didn’t however realize that this was a full scale bible, I thought it was just going to be reenacting popular bible stories. This of course makes the Minecrafters Bible even that much better. The NIrV version is easy to read (especially if you’re like me and grew up with the KJV) and the pictures are even better than I thought they’d be. This bible would make a great gift for any young reader, and will make religious lessons a little more fun.

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