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Book Review: The Power of Presence


The Power of Presence
A Love Story
By Neil T. Anderson

Neil and Joanne have been married 50 years. Now Joanne is gripped by a long decline due to agitated dementia. For long hours Neil sits at her bedside, and cares for her needs. They do not speak much. So Neil uses the silent hours to pray and reflect. 

“I have become keenly aware that God is using Joanne’s illness to teach me about the power of presence,” he writes. “I’m learning on a much deeper level the purpose of just being there, and what it means to be still and know that He is God… I know He is present in my life by the peace I feel. Morning has already come for me.”

This short, luminous meditation is a masterpiece of depth and clarity. 

Dr. Neil T. Anderson is the author of many books including Victory Over the Darkness and The Bondage Breaker. He is the founder and President Emeritus of Freedom in Christ Ministries. 

Illness can rip a family apart. Disabilities mean not only giving up going places that you used to do, but changing your whole life. Being a caretaker is a full time job, and I couldn’t imagine the additional pain that goes with caring for someone with dementia. This isn’t a book though about feeling sorry for the care taker, but is instead a love story. A story about how a man can continue to love his wife and discovers an even greater love for God. This book will not only give you comfort if you’re also a caretaker but help you to rediscover your purpose with God. If you like Unstoppable or Honestly you’ll love The Power of Presence. 


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