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Book Review: Go Big or Go Home


Go Big or Go Home
The Journey Toward the Dream
By Scotty McCreery 

God Gave Him a Voice. America Gave Him a Chance. 

It was his starting point. But after winning Season 10 of American Idol, the real work began. Scotty McCreery takes you on a fascinating tourney. Starting with his days as a kid imitating Elvis on the school bus, he moves into the tough days of uncertainty as an American Idol contestant, wondering whether he’d advance week by week. The tough days turn into the intense final rounds, where he finds himself standing in front of nearly thirty million viewers who tuned in to see him win Season 10. 

In this much-anticipated ride-along with Scotty, this multi-Platium-selling singer shares a glimpse at where he came from and the impact of his faith, family, and friends had on a guy who keeps asking, “Why me?”

The lessons he’s learned about thankfulness, as well as the insights he’s gained from his roots, gives pearls of wisdom and an understanding you’d expect from someone two or three times his age. They will instill in you both the courage and the humility it takes to fulfill your own God – given dream. 

My Thoughts: I actually remember seeing Scotty McCreery on American Idol and even though I’m not a country music fan I for sure voted for him, he was 17 then. He’s continued to work hard though and his accomplishments are well worth noting. They aren’t all music related either, he also a college student and often supports charities. The whole book is written from a very personal perspective and it’s inspiring. There are the ups and the downs and how and anything can be possible. If you like Limitless you’ll for sure want to read Go Big or Go Home. 


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