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Review – TapaReef Sunscreen Remover Towelettes


If you’re anything like me you couldn’t wait for the warm weather to get here. Since fall I’ve be dreaming about going back to the beach, laying out on the sand and playing in the water. And as I’ve talked about a lot, I’m always sure to wear sunscreen. Not only does it help to protect you from skin cancer, but wrinkles too. For the beach I’m sure to wear a waterproof version my Smart Stuff Natural Sunscreen, which is great except when you want to take it off. So when TapaReef offered to send me their sunscreen remover towelettes I knew I could uses them. Both at home, and on the go, wherever that may be.
TapaReef is actually an Australian company, started by passionate surfers and water sports enthusiasts. Alright so on the TapaReef site (and pictured above) they have two different kinds of packaging for their sunscreen remover towelettes. There’s the individual pocket version, which is in the white packaging, that’s super convenient to have when you go to the beach or for something like hiking. Then there’s the 25 count that’s perfect for keeping in your bathroom.  I love that  they have Anti-oxidants Vitamin E and Vitamin C slow premature ageing of the skin caused by UV exposure, Cucumber, chamomile and witch hazel are natural anti-inflammatories that cleanse and soothe the skin, as well as Aloe and jojoba help replenish the moisture barrier that can be stripped away by sun, salt and chlorine
Verdict: After trying out these TapaReef sunscreen remover towelettes I like them even better than I thought I would. They aren’t so moist that I feel like I then have to wash off my face, but they get all the excess sunscreen of perfectly. And they don’t bother my skin in the least bit, and can actually be soothing. Plus with all the added products in these Remover Towelettes I know I can’t go wrong using them.



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