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Fashionista Running Guide: All You Need to Know

Running can be exhausting and difficult, but we did not see any sign “no fashion allowed” at the beginning of the trail. Maybe the fact that you can look great while doing it can make you find your long lost love for running. A girl sometimes needs to look pretty in order to be pretty active. However, the fashion must be activity-friendly and you will not wear your dressy pants and blouse, and you will not choose the shoes based on their color, but based on their quality. Here, we will present you with the full guide on how to dress both to impress and for success.

It’s All about the Shoes (Isn’t It Always)


You can ignore comfort when it comes to some killer heels for a night out, but with running shoes that is simply not an option. We are sure that you would love to run in a brand new pair of Louboutins, but you will have to settle with some less luxurious brand. Still, aim for some famous athletic brand, you can trust. You will need athletic shoeswith proper support and the right cushioning. Luckily, many of the manufacturers are recognizing the importance of design, alongside with the functionality, so you will have no problem finding the right color palette.

Ditch the Cotton

Yes, your 100% cotton tank can look pretty amazing before you leave the house, but think about how it will look after 30 minutes of running – basically like you took a swim instead of a run. Besides, cotton absorbs the moisture and dries slowly, and it can cause skin irritation and chills. Instead, opt for quick-drying synthetic, high-performance and moisture-wicking fabrics, which are designed for trainings.


Safety Comes First

As with any other activity, in running there is a chance for injuries, and they should be prevented by warming up, cooling down and stretching and with the proper equipment. What differentiates running from other sports is the possibility to be hurt by others – if you are running near the road, the traffic can be dangerous. If you prefer night/evening or dawn runs, you should make yourself strikingly visible with appropriate reflective gear, and you will at the same time get a stylish addition to your outfit.

Neither Too-Tight Nor Too-Loose

Loose fitting clothing can get in your way when you are trying to run, and you can get in all sorts of unpleasant situations, like getting snagged or the wind lifting your clothes up. However, too-tight clothes can also be bad, since it can limit your range of motion. Find the happy medium with outfits embracing your figure without suffocating you.

Keep Your ‘Girls’ Under Control

Running causes a lot of movement in your upper body part, if you know what we mean. Seriously, though, an average woman carries around 1kg (2 pounds) of weight on her breasts which are not connected to any muscle group in the body, meaning they can move independently. That movement can damage the skin and the ligaments which can eventually lead to pain and breast sag. Prevent that by choosinga good supportive sports bra.
Once you have covered the functionality and quality parts, move on to the fashionable. All-black is not a must, and you can truly play around with bright colors and interesting patterns. A girl can turn heads even when on a running duty.

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