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Book Review: Oil Painting Essentials


Oil Painting Essentials 
Mastering portraits, figures, still lives, landscapes, and interiors. 
By Gregg Kreutz

Expand your oil painting horizons. Many oil painters limit themselves to one type of subject matter, but in Oil Painting Essentials, artist and art instructor Gregg Kreutz shows how a multi-genre approach can dramatically improve your painting skills. Arranged by category, each chapter covers both the essentials specific to that subject matter and those that apply to all genres. 

Through step-by-step lessons and examples from his own oil paintings, Kreutz shows how you can strengthen your skill set for one genre by painting in another. This comprehensive exploration of the conceptual and practical issues behind oil painting provides all the tools and encouragement you need to successfully take on any type of oil painting. 

Gregg Kreutz is an artist, instructor at the Art Student League of New York, and author of the classic instructional text Problem Solving for Oil Painters. His paintings have been shown in New York and in galleries across the country. Having worked as a painter and in teacher for three decades, he is sought after for his national and international workshops, and his popular videos continue to be in demand. He currently lives in New York City. 

I’ll be the first to admit I’m no expert on oil painting, having just done it when I stated my first oil painting class although I have been doing acrylic painting (which is much easier) for a little longer. I have learned a lot about it though since starting, especially from my art appreciation class (remember my midterm photograph, and final art project?).  So when I was offered the chance to review Oil Painting Essentials, I immediately said yes. Throughout it has gorgeous paintings and the steps to make them, that even beginners can understand. There is a whole lot to learn and Gregg Kreutz does a great job teaching the reader. It’s a great gift for yourself or others, but with a few of the paintings having nudity I wouldn’t recommend it to those under 18. 


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