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Review: 1byOne 24W Solar Charger

You probably already know this but I’ve been known to be a bit of a hippy. I mean I wash my hair and I do wear deodorant, but I care a whole lot about my own health and the environment. Most of the time this means simply looking for organic foods and not leaving lights on but sometimes being conscious of your environment can have fun benefits, like finding out about this 24W Solar Charger. 
While I love it for being environmentally friendly, it’s actually a great tool for anyone who wants to go camping regardless of your personal views on the environment because this 1byOne product has become a necessity for me. Gone are the days of conserving my electronic battery power (especially my phone) and having to worry about if I can text someone back or not while I’m on my trip. 

Alright, as you might already know since I’ve reviewed a few of 1byone’s other products like their Bluetooth Portable Speaker and Multifunctional Smart Car Jump Starter. I had great luck with both of those so I did have high hopes when 1byOne sent me their solar charger to review. It’s available via amazon (and you can use prime with it!) and came in a nice cardboard product box. It’s black, with information on the back and the product picture on the front, while not “luxury” or “artistic” packaging, it’s for sure good enough as a gift, even for an acquaintance. 

More important of course, is what’s inside. The Solar charger is spread out into four panels and has a very durable clear protection pouch for each one. They fold and unfold accordion style. While these are pretty sturdy and water resistant, do still have common sense. The solar panels (and electrical wires inside) can still get wet, as well as damaged from being dropped, against regular wear and tear they’re pretty durable though. And setup is super easy just plus the cord into the solar panel device and the usb portion into your device, put in full sun and you’re ready to go. 

You can easily charge two smaller devices at the same, time so no fighting over who gets to use it. Plus with the built in IC chip that identifies the device and how to maximize charging, your devices won’t have to be plugged in for long. And for those of you that are worried about overloading, overcharging or short circuiting, don’t because the IC protector has got your back. 

I’ve been using mine attached to my backpack while hiking as well as hanging up thanks to the multiple fabric hooks it has, and couldn’t imagine going camping without it now. 

You can get your own HERE. 


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