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Book Review: Angels by Jack Graham

Who they are, what they do, and why it matters. 
By Jack Graham

Couldn’t we all use a little divine guidance throughout our days? Jesus is the One who can provide it, and the role of angels is to remind us of that truth. And so, this book. Chapter by chapter, I’ve laid out fifteen key aspects of Christ’s sufficiency made manifest by angelic dealings in the biblical account. Each chapter holds up to the light a different character trait – Christ’s forgiveness, for example, or his perspective or his strength – and asks you, the reader, to consider what the ancient encounter has to say to us today. It is a whisper thin veil that separates the natural from the supernatural, meaning divine activity is all around us. The issue at hand is whether we will have eyes to see it and hearts eager to receive the assistance that God through his mystical messengers longs to provide. 

Myths about angels are everywhere. Do we become angels when we die? Are angels always hovering nearby, on guard to protect us from danger? Can we talk to them? Many of our ideas about angels come from the media, which is more interested in ratings and ticket sales than truth. It’s important for Christians to understand what ages really are. Pastor Jack Graham walks you through Scripture, revealing the truth about angels and what they offer us: encouragement, counsel, confirmation of God’s will, strength, protection, wisdom, companionship, and more. Focusing on practical application, Dr. Graham separates fact from fiction and demonstrates that the main role of angels isn’t to draw attention to themselves but to point us toward Christ. 

My Thoughts: Often people talk about angels. Pretty children or women are often referred to as angelic, and many Christians (among others) talk about having guardian angels. All of this without actually knowing what the bible says about these angels. So I thought it would be great to read more about them in a spiritual context. Throughout the book Jack Graham uses scripture to coincide with his ideas and offers real insight. If you like Lifted by Angels or Angels by my Side you for sure need to check out this book.   


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