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Amazon Underground = No Wasted Money On In-App Purchases

As you probably already know I’m a full time student, which means I’m on a tight budget. Between University tuition (as an American this is super expensive) and my food habits (not to even get into my lusting for high end clothing and jewelry) I’m surprised my parents haven’t cut their losses and gotten rid of me by now! I do try and keep a budget and one place I alway notice I’ve spent way too much money on is media products. I’ve been pretty good about streaming my music and movies but apps always get me! If it isn’t the purchase price of the app (I’m guilty of spending $5-$10 if the app is really good like Minecraft pocket edition), then I feel like I’m constantly being pressured to spend $.99 here or $2 there for in-app purchases that you really need to play the game or use the service that they have.


That is until I found out about Amazon Underground. Its the go to place for android users in the United States, UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain. While you are first required to download their Amazon app, after that you’re opened up to a whole host of completely free apps. Not just the original purchase price but all of the extras too (I’m thinking of games like Clash of Clans where this can get super pricey)  When I first looked at everything available I felt like I was in tech heaven. There are so many apps to pick from, like family friendly games, a coloring book, and apps that are perfect for school like a scanner that sells for $5 on other app stores. Oh and you can download the Amazon Video app so you can watch some of those shows in my top 10 free amazon prime tv shows to watch. None of which is available on the Google Play app store version of the Amazon app.


And here are a few of those games I was talking about. Cut the Rope before when I had it for my iPhone but this is the full version, completely free so no worries about losing a level or having to use power ups to get the job done. Another full version of a game I love is Fruit Ninja. This Amazon Underground version has both the classic mode as well as challenges and duals which are super fun. Then one game I hadn’t seen before Farm Simulator 14. It’s like FarmVille on Facebook with Grand Theft Auto graphics, getting started is a little hard at first but after that it’s a lot of fun.


As a student my favorites might have to be all of the cool applications for school that Amazon Underground has. There’s the scientific calculator that you can customize, a scanner that is better than a lot of machine ones, and a fun brain training app that I for sure need. All of these just like the games are completely free, including the in app purchases.

So if you’re interested in getting any of these apps completely free for your Android smartphone click HERE

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are mine alone.

Feel free to tell me your favorite smartphone apps in the comments! 


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