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Book Reviews: Happy Birthday to You & God Made You Just Right


Happy Birthday to You 
Board Book + Song
Written by Michelle Medlock Adams & Illustrated by Sandra Rodriguez

Balloons and streamers, gifts, a cake with candles, and of course, the birthday song! This book is jam-packed with all the elements that make birthdays so special for little ones. Follow along throughout a day of celebration, then push the button to sing along with the music!

Young children love books but often times they aren’t the best caretakers for your traditional book. They love to carry them around, look at the photos and have someone read to them, occasionally leaving these books outside, stepping on them or roughly playing with them. Of course this tears them up, which leaves the better option of a board book.

I was especially excited to review Happy Birthday to You, because not only is it a board book but it also has a song. The illustrations are adorable, as well as being bright and colorful, great for keeping the attention of a younger audience. It’s about one sentence a page and starts from waking up, then making a cake and getting ready for a party. The party goes on, and of course there is the present opening time. Then at the end is a special place to put a photo and the button for the birthday song. It’s a great present to give instead of a card for a young child.


God Made You Just Right
Written by Jill Roman Lord, Illustrated by Amy Wummer

You’re brilliantly created, and there’s no one else like you! With simple, rhyming text and whimsical illustrations, this book is a welcome reminder for little ones that God created each of us in just the right way.

As I talked about earlier in the post, I love board books for children, so I was happy to get to review a story book in addition to a Birthday book. This one is a Christian book especially made for children to deal with any questions about themselves being different, which I think is great. There are ten pages and the illustrations are consistent like the cover throughout. The sentences, one per page are easy to read and go well with the illustrations. The colors are a bit more neutral and more calming. The book size is easy to carry around and very durable. It’s a great gift for any child just starting to read.


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