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Book Review: Fifth Column

Fifth Column The Blitz Detective
By Mike Hollow

The neat row of small, late-Victorian terraced houses was punctuated by a gaping space: homes reduced to rubble in the night raid. Amongst the debts the body of a young, red-headed woman is found. But she has no connection to the houses or the street, nor can her identity be established. Nor was it the bomb that killed her. When the post-mortem reveals death by strangling, D.I. Ago is called on to investigate. He quickly establishes that the body is that of Mary Watkins, a seemingly respectable employee of a local engineering company. But the company is missing important chemicals, and no one seem to really care about the death of Mary – not even her family. Was the young woman all she appeared to be? As Jago digs deeper he starts to uncover a trail of deception, betrayal, and romantic entanglements.

Previously I read Mike Hollow’s Book Direct Hit and because I liked it so well I was more than happy to review Fifth Column. Originally I loved the idea of a WW2 setting especially since it isn’t anything to do with the Allies vs Axis powers. The more I got into the book, the more I liked it too. The thriller, murder mystery plot keeps the book going and all of the surrounding story about the victims life makes it a bit like the romance novels people love so much. If you like The Cantaloupe Thief  you’ll love Fifth Column. 


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