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Book Review: The Bible and Me

The Bible and Me
Stories with a message to live by
Retold by Lois Rock + Illustrated by Alida Massari

The Bible and me has been written especially to introduce the story of God’s good news. It tells of God’s unfailing love and the coming of God’s Son Jesus Christ, who, by his life and teaching, showed how all people could belong to the kingdom of heaven. These stories of faith, hope, and love end with a message to live by, and a chance for reflection. A beautiful, passionate, and inspiring read.

Biblical stories can actually be quite hard for children, and even young adults to read. They’re often filled full with chapters of someone’s linage, can be confusing, and often deal with subjects that are inappropriate for children. So I was happy to be able to review The Bible and Me a story book made for children. While it is a bit hard to read for children (I’d say 8+ on reading it themselves) children under that age would love to have the stories read to them. The illustrations go well with the stories and are well made for a variety of ages. It’s a great book to have in a Sunday School classroom or at home for children to read. If you like Bible and Prayers or Ishtar’s Odyssey, The Bible and Me should for sure be on your list for your child.


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