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Outfit: Dezzal Colormix Dress for Summer

I’m finally sharing with you guys a less casual summer outfit. I wouldn’t go quite so far as to call it a formal, or even semi formal but a little more dressed up than what I’d normally wear. When my friend took these photos it was raining, so they’re pretty boring (basically the only place on my porch with enough light was four feet wide) but they’re actually better than my normal photos. That’s because instead of just using my iPhone camera to take the photos, we actually used a DSLR, which made them way better. I’m still debating which one to get for myself, but these photos are clear proof that I need to. 
 Dress c/o Dezzal / Shoes (on sale!) / Bag

Dress – Awhile back the people at Dezzal contacted me about getting a few of their pieces and one of the first ones I picked out was this Colormix dress. While it was labeled as a “body con” dress it isn’t nearly as revealing as I feared it would be. It’s just above the knees and the fabric is thick enough you can’t see every line. Of course though my favorite part is the gorgeous pattern. I normally can’t wear yellow hued things (combination of my skin and hair color makes it look gross) when it’s combined with the black and grey it looks great. 

Shoes – While I organically was going to wear a heigh heeled boots with this dress, I didn’t want it too formal so I wore flats instead. This specific pair does make my feet look a little long from the side (thanks to the pointed toe) but are a great addition to the look. I especially love the bit of metal they have on them. 

Bag – Last but not least is this bag! I actually wore it on another rainy day outfit post awhile back, and although I don’t use it often I love it. It’s under $200 but is stylized like bags that are a lot higher in price. The gold hardware works well with the colored pattern of the Dezzal dress and the quilted leather softens it. 


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