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Outfit: Purple Sweater, Hair and Necklace

So I’ve been missing from the blog for a little while, which I’m going to completely blame on my summer class. It’s worse than I thought it would be and although I’ve had time to blog, I really haven’t felt like I’ve been able to. Surprisingly though I have been taking outfit photos during my absence (with the help of a friend) and wanted to share one of those with you guys today. Since this is a more casual outfit I figured I could go with the more fun photos and didn’t have to edit them so they’d be “perfect”. 
 Hair c/o FeshFen/ Sweater / Shorts / Shoes / Necklace c/o Happiness Boutique

Hair – Alright so I’m still debating on how I should do a tutorial on these hair extensions, but I wanted to give you guys a little peak at them first. They’re a deep purple, clip in set of extensions and just for fun. 

Sweater – I’ve had this sweater for quite awhile, and it might have even been my mothers to begin with, but it’s still something I find myself wearing pretty often. The cable knit is easy to wear, and comfortable, plus the deep purple color is so comfy. Of course for an even better, going to school look, sizing up is a great idea, like I did. 

Shorts – I love a good pair of high waisted shorts. Not only is this pair perfect for a 90’s inspired summer look but they’re also super comfortable, which is a major win for me. Even if they aren’t as “modest” as I’d like, I can’t help but wear them. 

Shoes – Here’s yet another thing in this outfit that I’ve had for quite awhile, these Coach tennis shoes. I originally bought them because everyone else had them, but all these years later I’m glad I did. The brown is easy to pair with a lot of colors, and the shoes can be dressed up or down easily. 

Necklace – Now for the new piece, this gorgeous necklace. The people over at  Happiness Boutique were nice enough to let me choose a piece from their site, and after a long deliberation, this purple quartz necklace in gold is what I decided on. They actually have quite a few different pieces from trendy and modern to more timeless styles to pick from so the decision was hard. I love this one specifically because of the long chain and simple design. 


 And this last photo is my “are we done yet” face. 


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