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Book Review – Your Marriage Masterpiece

Your Marriage Masterpiece
Transform Your Relationship Through God’s Amazing Design
By Al Janssen

A Life-Changing Picture of Marriage

God created marriage as a beautiful work of art that reflects His glory to the world. But our culture has undervalued and misunderstood it, causing it to lose its luster. Like restoration projects on the Sistine Chapel or the Mona Lisa, it is time to return marriage to its former glory by taking a closer look at what the artist had in mind all along. 

Al Janssen weaves real-life stories with great teaching and biblical narratives to paint a complete picture of all your marriage can be. With its focus on passion, adventure, and commitment, Your Marriage Masterpiece will help you discover new ways to reflect God’s love – revealing His plan for you from the moment you were born. Includes a study guide for personal reflection or group discussion. Your Marriage Masterpiece is a companion resource to Focus on the Family’s DVD experience, The Family Project. 

Al Janssen has written more than 30 books, including collaborations with authors such as Gary Smalley, Steve Douglass, Amy George, and Brother Andrew. He has assisted ministries such as Focus on the Family, Campus Crusade for Christ, Open Doors, Alliance Defense Fund and Promise Keepers. Al and his wife, Jo, live in Colorado Springs. 

My thoughts: It seems like everyone has a “practice marriage” or two, or three and broken up families are extremely common. So much so that I know more than a few people who are afraid to get married because so many “perfect” marriages end. So when the publisher sent me Your Marriage Masterpiece I was extremely excited to get to check it out.  I love that there are bible verses and literature quotes throughout. The advice is solid and isn’t pushy, and even my mother (who’s been happily married to my father for like 30 years) thought it had good points. If you like Marriage on the Mend you’ll for sure like Your Marriage Masterpiece. 


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