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Book Review – Out by Bob Fife


One Christian’s Experience of Leaving the Gay Community
By Bob Fife with Ron Hughes

Bob Fife was raised in a dysfunctional home and, despite an early conversion to Christianity, had an uneasy youth. Nothing prepared Bob for being sexually molested by an older boy he trusted – or for what happened in his heart afterward. From the confusion of his teen years, to his marriage and fatherhood, to his discovery and embrace of the flamboyant Toronto gay scene, the path Bob took became increasingly indulgent. He even abandoned his young family to follow his new lifestyle around the world. But an unexpected visit from his college- aged son over a decade later caused Bob to confront the consequences of his excesses – and find his way back to a restored relationship with the God who loves him. For those seeking to deal with their same-sex attractions, not celebrate them, Bob’s fascinating story points a way to grace and redemption. 

Bob Fife is an Ontario-based businessman and a former practicing homosexual. Today he devotes his time to mentoring men and women who are looking for alternative ways to deal with same-sex attraction. 

My Thoughts: My opinions on homosexuality are “it’s none of my business” which is how I approach many of life’s social issues, including other ones like premarital sex, although I do suggest making sure to use protection before going back to the “none of my business stance”. That being said I know that a few different religions have objections to the homosexual lifestyle, and this is what that is about , similar to Love Hunger. I was expecting a guide book, like “first you do this”, “and then do this” but it’s actually about Bob Fife’s life, and the chapters represent that. For people that do have a problem with their lifestyle it can be nice seeing someone else’s journey. Bob Fife shares everything honestly and even if you don’t have the same struggles it is a great read.  


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