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End of the Roadie Book Review

End of the Roadie
A Mystery for D.I. Costelle 
By Elizabeth Flynn

The gig at the Apollo was a triumph. Apart from the dead body outside the stage door. 

Rock-star Brendan Phelan knows how to thrill a crowd – gunshots and cracking whips punctuate the thudding bass and crashing guitar chords. But after the show has ended, another shot is fired and Oliver Joplin, long-time roadie, is found lifeless, with a shocked Phelan towering over him. Detective Inspector Costello is called and quickly discovers Joplin was widely disliked and distrusted. His emails reveal the presence of a shadowy figure stalking the dead man. But who would profit from his death? Little by little Costello unpicks a tangled web of lies. But secrets have left tongues tied and unless someone breaks the silence, the killer may never be found…

Elizabeth Flynn is a Londoner of Anglo-Irish parentage. She has a background in the theatre both as an actress and in stage management, and is the author of the Mystery for D.I. Costello series. 

My Thoughts: Mystery books are so much fun to read, and you know I love to do it. I’ve previously read Elizabeth Flynn’s Dead Gorgeous and it was a great book so of course when I was offered End of the Roadie by Kregel (the publisher) I had to say yes. I love that this book has a modern setting and the whole idea of a rock star being involved makes it even more fun. It’s almost like you’ve stepped into the glamours life of the rocker (from a window) and fell like you know what’s going on. Of course the most fun is getting the clues with Detective Costelle and solving the mystery. If you like The Lethal Harvest you’ll for sure like End of the Roadie. 


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