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School #OOTD at a Boat Dock in the Rain

This summer has been a bit of a blur to me. Not that I’ve been doing much of anything fun, but because I’ve been busy taking summer classes. No typical going to the beach, or even weekend trips to be had over this break. The weather here (Indiana) hasn’t been all that bad though, minus all the rain we’ve gotten. Summers are normally dry and hot but the whole season, but it seems like this time around there’s been plenty of humidity and precipitation. So it wasn’t all that much of a surprise that when I went out to take outfit pictures at the boat dock by school, that it’d be raining. Actually I was especially rushed in taking my #OOTD photos because there was lightening, and I didn’t want to get electrocuted. 

Cardigan c/o Zaful / Top / Skirt / Shoes / Sunglasses

Cardigan – Loose fitting and oversized jackets are my thing, but they usually don’t look all that good. I don’t want to use the word frumpy but that’s pretty much it. However this lace cardigan that the people over at Zaful were nice enough to give me is the perfect solution. It’s feminine, light weight, and the sun flower design is so pretty.  

Top – Underneath I wore a black cropped tank top. I almost always go with some sort of crop top with a high waisted skirt so this was a natural choice. It does have a bit of character though, because of the eyelet fabric and layered design. 

Skirt – Of course to keep the look simple I thought it would be great to do a black on black outfit so I went with this skirt. Well that, and the fact it’s super comfortable for school.

Shoes – For a little bit of balance, instead of going with my black and grey sneakers (that I wear too often) I went with these white converse. 

Sunglasses – And in a few of these photos I’m wearing sunglasses. They’re just a basic black aviator style, with silver colored hardware. 


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