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Outfit (Japanese Inspired) – Dezzal Stripes + Pink Wig

This is one of those outfits, that I shot awhile back but because of my stressful schedule (as in a terrible summer class) I’m just now getting around to sharing them with you guys. Well that and the fact that when I took these photos I thought they’d turned out terrible. It was really sunny and quite hot, but this morning when I looked through them again I realized that wasn’t the case, and quickly went to upload the photos. I’m actually quite happy with how the photos turned out and the bit of Japanese anime inspiration shows really well, without being awkward. It even has a bit of that vintage (1920’s-1940’s) made new look I’ve been seeing since the 2000’s in East Asian fashion. 
 Dress c/o Dezzal / Shoes (on sale!) / Wig c/o FeshFen 

Dress – This, like my color mix dress was sent to me by the people over at Dezzal. It’s completely different though. When I originally picked out this dress I thought it’d be an elegant piece if I ever needed it for a business casual sort of look. While it is great for that, I’m surprised at how well this striped dress works casually. It has a high waist and a front tie that can go in the front or back. The high collar gives it a nice east asian inspiration. 

Shoes – Because the dress is a mid length one I wanted to make sure I didn’t pair it with any overpowering shoes. So I went with a flat black shoe with a pointed toe. 

Wig – Of course the fun part of this outfit is the pink wig. It is a cosplay wig, so when it arrived and I saw that is was quality made, I was surprised. I expected one of those throw away pieces but this wig is one I can see myself wearing for fun in the future, the synthetic hair almost feels human. Plus I love that it has bangs something that I’d never have cut on my own hair, but love wearing occasionally. 


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