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Outfit: Grey Dress at the White River

I’ve been sharing a lot of outfit photos lately which I’ve been lucky to get thanks to my friend, who’s been taking them for me after class. As far as these photos go, I’m normally like “okay that looks like a good spot” to literally any place where someone isn’t standing (especially if there’s a brick wall around) however my friend convinced me to instead do a few photos with a more interesting background. That ended up being the White River near downtown Indianapolis (which is right by the campus I was taking summer classes at). So just like the #ootd at the boat dock this is another school look, and I’m actually wearing the same shoes that I did on that day. The whole outfit is meant to be comfy and casual, and typical of most of my school days it is one of those makeup free looks.
Dress c/o Dezzal / Shoes

Dress – Thanks to Dezzal I was given this dress to try out and take photos in. Of course when I saw this eyelet shift dress I had to pick it. This dress is so comfortable and forgiving, both of which I’m very into, especially for an outfit that I’m going to be sitting in all day. Plus I absolutely love the color  (I think it goes extremely well with my skin tone). Th only thing with this dress is that you need to wear something underneath it. I went with a simple black on black combo but white would work as well.

Shoes – As I mentioned, I’ve worn these white converse in another recent outfit post. Of course they aren’t the type of shoes for walking long distances in but for wearing on campus they’re great. I went with them to keep the outfit casual, and from being too dark with the grey.


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