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Outfit – Country Girl Attempt

 I can say I grew up with a mix of people who’s style choices were urban, country or stereotypical WASP (I’ll let you guess mine) which was a little funny in middle and high school since we all lived in about a five mile radius. However since going to college I’ve seen quite a bit more of the “country” look and actually done a little bit better. I was especially inspired by seeing a few of the girls at the Justin Moore Album promotion, and thought it’d be fun to attempt to try out their style myself. So here goes…
 Shirt / Shorts (on sale) / Shoes c/o Sibba

Shirt – One thing that I can for sure get down with is plaid shirts. For a country look I normally think of this as having to be flannel, but since I didn’t own one of those I thought this would be pretty close.   This specific one is fitted in a flattering way, and the red and blue color combo looks good on just about anyone. Of course to keep it from looking like a business shirt I rolled up the sleeves. 

Shorts – I know I’ve said it a thousand times (like in my high waisted shorts guide) I love denim with a high waist. It looks good, and more importantly it’s so comfortable. Plus the 90’s throwback feel is a great added bonus. But they’re not acid wash and my hair is clean so it can’t be mistaken for the cringe worthy grunge era.

Shoes – And last but not least to complete the look, these shoes. The wonderful people over at Sibba gave them to me, and I’ve been loving them since first trying them on. They’re very reasonably priced and maybe even more comfortable than my high waisted shorts. I love the foldable cuff, and that these are great fall transition shoes. 


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