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Outfit – Red Dress at the Park

This dress is one of those clothing pieces I’ve had sitting in my closet, with the tags on for quite awhile. It sat for a few months where I was sure that I wouldn’t want to wear it, that it wouldn’t look good, and probably wouldn’t even fit me. However last weekend, when I was planning on going to the park, I figured I’d just try it on. To my surprise it did fit, and I actually liked it quite well. It’s more fitted at the top and as it goes into the skirt much looser. I decided to wear it as a dress (which is what I organically picked it out as from the Dezzall site) but it could also be worn as a long shirt with leggings.

 Dress c/o Dezzall / Shoes c/o Sibba

Dress – As I mentioned this dress is one of the pieces I was given by the people over at Dezzal. Previously I’ve shared a color mix dress and a striped dress that they gave me, both of which I really liked. So I should have thought I was going to like this dress (they all came at the same time) after wearing those too, but I was unconvinced. Luckily I did give it a chance though, eventually. The high collar is chic, and the print has a bit of a retro vibe, and is very unique.

Shoes – For a more casual look I wanted to pair the dress with comfortable everyday shoes, so I went with this pair of “toms like” shoes. They have a lot of different colors but when I saw the shoes I knew I’d be wearing them a lot so I went with black because it’s easier to clean and match with my clothes.


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