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Outfit – Black Dress down by the River

As you might have seen on my Instagram story I shot these photos almost a week ago with my friend. We were driving to a park downtown when we crossed over this bridge and thought it might be a pretty area for photos. So we went down some stairs and saw that it was completely overgrown, you couldn’t even get half way down them. Out of the four there we did find one set of stairs that went all the way down to the White River (this was actually pretty close to where I took my pictures for the Grey dress by the White River), and although it wasn’t kept up it was still so pretty. 
 Dress (sold out but similar + on sale!) / Bracelet / Shoes c/o Sibba 

Dress – I’ve had this dress for quite awhile and actually did outfit photos with it in the woods, the first time I shared about it. Normally (as you see in those photos) I’d wear it with sneakers for a casual look but for this outfit I wanted to dress it up. I love that it has the mesh inserts making it a little more interesting than your average little black dress. 

Bracelet – This bracelet isn’t actually mine but rather my friend who took the photos for me. I did accidentally take it home with me so maybe it is mine now. Surprisingly I did find it online in case you’re curious about it, although the one linked is Hindu/Buddhist while this one isn’t, but they look exactly the same. 

Shoes – Last but not least the shoes. When Sibba first sent me them, I was a little worried. 1. I’m not the biggest fan of animal prints, 2. I was worried about quality since the shoes are so affordable. Luckily both of my concerns were unfounded. The print is classy and easy to wear in a formal or casual event. And as far as comfort goes they’re great. 


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