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The Estee Edit Late Night Eraser Review, Swatches

What the Brand Says

The Estee Edit Late Night Eraser has a cooling tip that when you touch it against your skin is made to instantly refresh and brighten around your eyes – helping erase a dull, tired look. It includes micro-powdered pearls (yes the real thing) for luster, plus pink peony, cucumber, apple and more to help soothe and perfect this delicate area, and hyaluronic acid for moisture, dark circles and puffiness look reduced. Eyes beam a little brighter. 

Like all the other Estee Edit products I’ve reviewed (for example the Eye Kajal in Tarnished Gold and Twisted Teal), this eye cream comes in a white cardboard box, with blue on the side and black lettering. Inside is a plastic tube that sits on a silver plastic base. To undo the lid just twist the base and you can see that “cooling tip” Estee Lauder is talking about. 

I was very happy to see that unlike the radiance activator this Estee Lauder Late Night Eraser is pure white. It is completely opaque too and feels like a typical lotion, just a little lighter, rather than the eye gels I’m used to, which tend to have a bit of a silicone texture. As far as application goes, I can tell you that cooling tip (which is just a metal applicator) feels amazing! The only downside is it is a little hard to get all of the Estee Edit Late Night Eraser into your skin using it, and often times I end up using my fingers to finish the job. 


Cooling Effect

Application can be hard

Then in case you want to watch my first impressions of this Late Night Eraser along with a few other Estee Edit products here’s the youtube video I made. 


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