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When There is No Miracle, Book Review

When there is no Miracle 
Finding Hope in Pain and Suffering
By Robert L. Wise

You don’t always need a miracle to find light in times of darkness.

Heartbreak is impartial. Tragedies – global and personal – strike every day. Destruction, anxiety, and catastrophe have become our daily companions. Over his long career, Robert Wise has been on the front lines of disaster. From the Oklahoma City bombing to 9/11’s ground zero to the bedsides of lost loved ones, Wise has stood on tragic ground and ministered to those who have seemingly lost everything. Each of those hurting people asked the same questions: Why do the innocent suffer? Why doesn’t God deliver the light of miracles in the darkest times? In the midst of his own questioning, Wise has discovered some surprising and reassuring answers. In this book, he shares those lessons, encouraging all those who struggle. You’ll learn some unexpected benefits of pain and suffering , and see how God is always behind the scenes working for the ultimate good – even when you can’t see or imagine how. 

Robert L. Wise is an archbishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches and director of the office of ecumenical relations. He has been awarded the title of apostolic representative for Christian unity by Pope Francis. In addition to his work in ecumenism, Wise is the author of thirty-four books and many articles published in several languages. Wise also publishes under the pseudonyms Spencer E. Moses and Ed Moses. 

My Thoughts – Tragedy is often paralyzing. Prior to it, everything seems full of color and going wonderfully, and then it strikes. It feels like the world becomes shades of brown and gray and it’s agonizingly slow. Often we think that a miracle, or a sign of God will come to help us through, and sometimes it does, but other times there is nothing to be found. Robert L. Wise’s book is an amazing guide through these kind of tough times and a look at the part that God plays. If you like Outlaw Christian or Befriend then you will for sure be interested in When there is no Miracle. 


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