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Outfit – Sweater Weather Campus

Fall is almost here, which is of course a great thing for me, because autumn is by far my favorite season. cool weather, shorter days and of course the sweaters are all things I love. Plus fun activities like hiking and bonfires that are almost impossible during the summer months. Although it isn’t technically time yet, the weather has been a bit colder so I did get to wear a sweater today and took outfit photos at Marian University near a building my friend taking my photos thought would be fun. Since I don’t have class on Friday’s it’s just an outfit that I wore to hang out for the day.
  Sweater / Jeans / Shoes (similar) 

Sweater – For a birthday gift I’d been given a gift card to Nordstrom, which through a busy summer, just sat around until I forgot about it. Last week however I remembered that I did have it, and one of the things I bought was this sweatshirt. It is a little short so you might want to wear high waisted pants with it, especially since the back of this sweater is cut out in a triangle shape. Between the unique shape and the geometric print, this might just be my favorite piece for the summer.

Jeans – Because the print on the top is busy I wanted to be sure to keep the pants from being busy too, so I went with a basic medium wash pair of jeans. They are lightly distressed in one knee and the top waist band on the other side.

Shoes – Last but not least are the shoes. The pair I’m wearing are an older Coach sneaker that I’ve been known to wear with a variety of looks like my (almost) all purple outfit. They’re comfortable and match pretty well with the geometric pattern on the sweatshirt I’m wearing.


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