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The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder VoxBox

You might have already seen the above video, in which case you already know that a few days ago I received a VoxBox from Influenster. I decided to make the video doing an unboxing and sharing my first thoughts on the products inside. I literally did the video straight through and then uploaded, not realizing how bad the lighting and sound was (I just used the camera on my mac) so if you plan on watching it I’m just warning you. But it is my first video so hopefully I will improve when I do them later on!

But anyways, after showing you a little preview of the box I went through and did reviews for each of the products and wanted to do summaries (you can get to the full review by clicking on the blue links) about them as well as share my overall thoughts on The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder.

Radiance Activator – When I did the unboxing and first tested out this radiance activator, I wasn’t all that impressed. As I’ve used it a little more my opinion has totally changed. I now love that it has a bit of a tinted coloration and the little bit of sparkle is so nice if I decide to just wear this instead of putting it under foundation like I normally do. The matte coverage is great for more humid climates where it really does keep you from getting that “glistening”, although for something that talks about being a moisturizer, I can say that was the one thing I wasn’t all that thrilled with. It didn’t dry out my skin, but I felt the need to apply a facial lotion in addition to using it in my morning routine.

Late Night Eraser – As a pre makeup under eye cream this late night eraser hits the spot. Thanks to the combination of the cool tip applicator (which is AMAZING) and the product inside my eye area hasn’t looked better. It helps to reduce redness and puffy eyes almost instantly.

Inside Track Eye Kajal – As much as I like the Late Night Eraser and have grown to love the Radiance Activator, my favorite product from the VoxBox has to be this Inside Track Eye Kajal. It goes on smoothly and offers a lot of pigment and the two colors I had to try out, tarnished gold and twisted teal are so pretty.

MetalliShadow – The only product I didn’t like in the set was this MetalliShadow. The powder shadow was okay, (the only reason the set wasn’t a total dud) but the creme was horrendous. It’s almost impossible to apply and doesn’t have a good consistency. Plus the packaging leaves a lot to be desired.

Swatches (from left to right) Inside Track Eye Kajal in tarnish gold, twisted tealMetallic Shadow in creme, powder. Upper right is radiance activator and lower right is the Late Night Eraser.

Final Thoughts 

Overall I’m pretty happy with the Estee Edit products that I was given to test out, and I think the Estee Lauder brand did a great job curating Estee Edit for younger makeup wearers. Perviously I’d just thought of the brand as an older women’s makeup brand but they wowed me with some of their products.  Three out of the four are great and  things that I will for sure use. While they do call both the Radiance Activator and Late Night Eraser products that can be used at night as well as in the morning, for me both are exclusively morning products, which the work wonderfully for. The eyeliner was a dream, and something I’ll actually be purchasing more of myself. The only thing I don’t like is the eyeshadow , which I think was an attempt at making this for a younger “instagram” makeup crowd, but it just didn’t work well.


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